President seeks assistance to nab local criminals hiding overseas

President Maithripala Sirisena today called for assistance to nab local criminals hiding overseas.

The President said that his Government is fully committed to work together with international organisations lead by the United Nations.

He added that he expects assistance to take legal action against criminals who indulge in corrupt practices and fraudulent deals while hiding in foreign countries.

The President made the remarks while attending the Global Expert Group Meeting on the Jakarta Principles held in Colombo, today (25).

The Jakarta Principles are a set of principles adopted by experts and practitioners to strengthen the effectiveness of anti-corruption authorities around the world.

They are enshrined in the Jakarta Statement on Principles for Anti-Corruption Agencies, adopted in November 2012 at a meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, bringing together current and former heads of anti-corruption authorities, anti-corruption practitioners and experts.

President Sirisena said that his expectation is to place Sri Lanka in the number one position among the countries in the world fighting corruption, during his tenure.

He said that although corrupt politicians and Government officers work together to block the anti corruption drive, he is determined to carry forward the anti corruption process by overcoming the hurdles before him. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The President doesn’t have to look overseas. He only has to look at his own parliament. It must be getting close to election time, because, corruption is becoming an issue again.

    Much of the corruption that ‘bleeds the country dry’ occurs at the parliamentary level; specifically with the issue of tenders or distribution foreign grants or aid. If this President is serious about addressing the issue of corruption, a Presidential Commission (PC) needs to be in permanent existence.

    This PC should be tasked with vetting every tender awarded after approval by the Tender Evaluation Committee, and with the power to reject any tender not in the best interest of the people, for whatever unsavory reason. Similarly, the accounts for the distribution of all grants and aid should also be under the purview of this PC, regardless of which ministry is responsible for it’s distribution.

    Although this will not be the panacea for all corruption, it will make it more difficult for minister’s to ‘bleed this nation.’


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