Content creators can now monetize via YouTube in Sri Lanka

Ripe in the times when creative minds in the country are looking to turn their passions into careers, local content creators will now, for the first time in Sri Lanka, be able to monetize their content on YouTube through a Sri Lankan company and turn it into a career option.

Earning money on YouTube has not been a possibility in Sri Lanka until now, owing to the fact that the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) — which lets YouTube creators monetize their content — had not been enabled for the country.

IdeaHell, a collaborative creator space with a fully equipped 20,000 square feet studio in the heart of Colombo, has now been appointed the first and only Multi Channel Network (MCN) of YouTube in Sri Lanka.

With IdeaHell’s new MCN status, they are able to provide opportunities to aspiring Sri Lankan YouTubers to earn money from their creative content and to make a career of it. Their aim is to help Sri Lankan content creators on areas such as audience development, content programming, creator collaborations, digital rights management and monetization of their products.

Speaking on this exciting step forward for Sri Lanka, Janeeth Rodrigo, the General Manager of IdeaHell commented,

“We saw a plethora of talented creators in Sri Lanka who lacked the resources, expertise and guidance to put out their creative ideas and make it a career option. So we have invested in IdeaHell more down the lines of a CSR initiative to empower Sri Lankan creators to create great content and make it to the international stage.

IdeaHell is a 360° solution for any creator to create any type of content. We lobbied with YouTube for a long time to get the monetization rights to Sri Lanka and we are happy to announce that as of right now Sri Lankans can earn off YouTube and we will provide the strategy, advice and resources to make that happen.”

IdeaHell has currently signed up with many major artistes and new YouTubers and currently manages over 60 YouTube channels and monetizes them.

“These creators work on videos down different verticals such as Food, Music and Dance, Lifestyle, Current Affairs, Comedy, Art, Travel and Technology,” said Janeeth, explaining on the broad range of content they are willing to produce.

“Right now, we are opening out monetization for any creator who has a dream to make YouTube content – or any content for that matter – and will give them the option of YouTube monetization,” he said.

Further explaining on the monetization process, Janeeth said, “We have a fully-functional digital marketing team to link creators with direct sources of revenue such as direct sponsors, partnerships and product placements to supplement their YouTube income.”

If a content creator wants to join and maintain their own YouTube channel that they can monetize, they only need to submit their details in an application form on, which will then be processed by the team at IdeaHell before they are called in to discuss their opportunities.

“We would have a chat on what their plans are. Content creation for YouTube has to be done in a structured format. There are different types of content that need to go on a channel to make it successful. So we will advise them and help them on strategizing their YouTube content.”

IdeaHell, located in Alwis Place Colombo 3, boasts a fully-functioning editing suite which stays open 24/7, sound recording studio, filming and lighting gear worth over USD 250,000, intellectual property needed for content creation and the largest Green Screen in Sri Lanka. All these facilities – on par with international studios – are freely accessible by any content creator who has a membership which can be gained free of charge.

With an in-house team of mentors and professionals to provide technical assistance and editing assistance in case a novice creator does not have the expertise to film and produce their ideas, the space really does offer everything you’ll need.

The studio works on a modular set system where creators can easily change the backdrop, lighting and furniture to create 100s of unique environments. IdeaHell also houses a fully functional kitchen and a selection of expensive props and wardrobe options.

“We have an open door policy where anyone passionate and dedicated enough to turn their creative talent into a career can come in and be mentored and guided,” Janeeth concludes.



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