Over 100 killed in blast at election rally in Pakistan’s Quetta

The death toll in an Islamic State-claimed suicide blast targeting a political rally in southwest Pakistan Friday jumped to 128, officials told AFP, in the deadliest attack in the country since 2014.

Balochistan province’s home minister Agha Umar Bungalzai said the death toll in the town of Mastung “has risen to 128”. A senior provincial government official also confirmed the figure, adding that 150 others were injured in the attack.

The blast in the town of Mastung, near the Balochistan provincial capital Quetta, came hours after another bomb killed at least four people at a campaign rally in Bannu in the country’s northwest.

The ISIS group claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing at the political rally, according to the group’s Amaq propaganda agency. (NDTV)


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