Ikon: Providing marketing and branding strategy for success

Ikon marketing started a year ago, since then the brand has achieved massive success. Its focus evolves around marketing and branding, having already collaborated with leading brands the company is extending its service further with more collaborations.

Its newest collaborations are with international brands, very soon Ikon’s presence will be witness in Australia and the United Kingdom, it has moved on to cater to a wide need of accurate content oriented marketing which remains to be a dire need within the International enclosure.

With exciting projects in the pipeline, the company will be expanding its creativity and innovative thinking to new levels. Ikon believes that marketing and brand PR service is very important, giving coherent awareness to the public.

Ikon’s 22 member team, is trained in different aspects to handle demanding tasks and catering with the best results possible, founder Dulinda Perera, started Ikon with the vision of being strong support system in the field of marketing and PR, providing their service in helping the brand reach its highest success.

While starting up the company confronted many ups and downs, putting down to all experience today it has emerge has a prominent brand inthe marketing and branding sector. A team of young, dynamic and enthusiastic individuals give their best to the brand they’re associated with.

From traditional Social Media Branding agency to Digital Media company  it caters  in versatile arenas such as Website Development, Application Development, Content oriented marketing, Campaign driven marketing, Branding consultancy and of course social media branding for SMEs and large scale corporate clients.

In May 2017, the company undertook a marketing campaign with Wisdom Business Academy. With the campaign, Ikon achieved so much in no time; today it caters to an extremely large and diverse clientele, from large multinational entities, to small and medium scale enterprises.

Dulinda Perera commented on the recent success of the brand, “Ikon has always been about team work. It has never been about me or any other individual who had been with us. Whatever the success that we have acquired as of now, it is thanks to all individuals who have worked with us and the undisputed and undivided attention and dedication they show towards the company”.

Ikon is widely known within the domestic arena for its usage of unique and catchy campaigns that is mainly driven through Social Media and for its ability to execute campaigns in the most optimum and efficient usage of the proposed budgets.

Michelle Valencia, Aaqilah Hanifa, Uzmaan Annas and Chamaka Ranasinghe manage operations in their respective arenas of expertise. With so many things happening around the clock, the young team is gaining much for their work.


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