Vijayakala resigns following uproar on pro-LTTE statement

State Minister of Child Affairs Vijayakala Maheswaran has decided to resign from her Ministry post following the uproar on the pro-LTTE statement she had made.

She handed over her resignation letter to the President and Prime Minister.

Maheswaran had said recently that the LTTE needs to be back in order to ensure incidents like that of the recent murder of a child in Jaffna does not take place.

The statement resulted in both members of the Government and the opposition demanding that she resign.

A tense situation arose in Parliament this week as well and session were adjourned when the opposition protested demanding stern action on the Minister.

The LTTE had been accused of killing the Minister’s husband during the war.

Maheswaran said that she had made the statement supportive of the LTTE as nothing was being done to curb the recent crimes in the North.

The State Minister felt there was better law and order in the North when the LTTE controlled the North and East. (Colombo Gazette)


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