Minding the business of elders’ care

By Nirasha Piyawadani, in Yunnan, China.

Franchised facilities for the aged,  and state sponsored or subsidized facilities are increasingly popular in China among the elderly, when there are less younger people to support parents in general, now that the one child policy is also on its way out.

However, Jinning city Yunnan has come up with  a model that is cost effective, a first of a kind elders’ community that it is situated within the ancient Dian kingdom, now developed into a tourist city within the Jinning county.

Until relatively recently in China, the family was the caregiver for the elderly. This is changing, as social needs are in flux, and the demand for institutional care is on the increase.

However the main concerns of the elderly in China are not daily needs, but health care and similar age related anxieties.

Healthcare is the main focus of the Jinning facility for the elderly in Yunnan, China. The relatively luxurious homes are in a wonderful location and everything has been thought-out perfectly, such as accessibility, and of course the benefits of a scenic and environmentally conducive location.

Jinning is a very healthy place for people, particularly the elderly, to be in.

For a therapeutic home for the aged to be situated in a location like this in the first place, is extremely good thinking.

However the houses for aged couples are so extremely well appointed with stunning facilities, games and other recreational opportunities, with all bungalows being equipped with a special red button on the wall for calling for help in case of medical or other emergencies.The bungalows are extremely spacious however, but yet the prices are very reasonable, and therefore this seems to be an idea whose time has come and should be emulated all over the world.

The Jining elder care facility offers supermarkets and banks and other needed amenities, but also offers internal hospitals to patients.

The facilities can be rented long or short term and and are scrupulously constructed with the elderly in mind.

There are no steps that lead to the blocks of flats that house the elderly.

The business of elder care has been franchised before in other countries but Jinning offers a happy medium where state and private sector have together got involved to build a facility that is extremely elder friendly, and easy on the wallet for those who aspire to live the twilight years of their lives in a healthy atmosphere, with health care literally next door.

It helps that Yunnan is the seat of ancient Chinese medical knowledge, now preserved to cure a variety of ailments.

Not far away, close to the famous Stone Forest, is a repository of ancient Medicinal know how showcased for preservation.

It’s a reminder that ancient knowledge in an ancient city can be excellent for old people, when such resources are properly channeled, as in Jining county, Yunnan.


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