KOICA improve ICT classroom environment to cultivate young ICT talents

KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), the grant aid organization of the Republic of Korea, held the opening ceremony of the ‘ICT Educational Environment Improvement Project’ carried out by Kim Ji-Yeon, who is working as a computer education volunteer at the Kalaiimagal School in Trincomalee on 18th June.

The ‘ICT Educational Environment Improvement Project’ was designed to develop students’ ICT skills through hands-on ICT lessons by providing one PC per student who attend the ICT classes at Kalaiimagal School.

For this project, KOICA provided 23 computers, computer desks and chairs, 3 air conditioners and beam projects, etc. at a total cost of $27,686.09, while the Kalaimagal school supported construction workforce and software installation, etc.

Kim Ji-yeon, who successfully finished his project, said: “I had a lot of difficulties in delivering hands-on lessons due to the lack of computers. As a result many students did not even know how to operate the computer in basic level. I hope students’ ICT performance will be improved after this project.”

He was dispatched as a computer education volunteer to Kalaimagal school and has been teaching ICT since March, 2017 and he is planning to increase students’ academic achievements in ICT with upgraded facilities.

“I am grateful to KOICA and Kim Ji-yeon for improving our ICT classroom and I hope that more students enhance their ICT skills through this project” said Yuvarajah, the Principal of Kalaimagal school.

Meanwhile, the KOICA Sri Lanka office operates around 10 ‘On-field Projects’ annually with a total budget of 30 million USD to give volunteers an opportunity to find a problem and solve it on their field. Some of the ‘On-field Projects’ implemented in this year include, ‘ICT Educational Environment Improvement Project in St.Theresa’s College(by Lee Seon-gyeong)’, ‘KOICA Hope Farm Project (by Kim Yun-ha)’ in Kilinochchi, ‘New Beauty Culture Classroom Project in National Youth Services Council(by Kim Da-kyung)’ in Anuradhapura and ‘Multimedia ICT Classroom Project in Rambaikulam Girls Vidyalayam (by Ahn Su-jung)’ in Vavunia.

The KOICA Sri Lanka office will continue its efforts for economic and social development of Sri Lanka by supporting volunteers ‘On-field Projects’. In addition, the KOICA Sri Lanka office supports volunteers’ various cultural activities introducing Korean culture to Sri Lanka to promote friendship between two countries.


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