Video goes viral after parents accuse day care centre

A video has gone viral after the parents of a child accused a day care centre in Colombo of mistreating their son.

The day care centre was accused of locking out the child for nearly four hours letting him cry, despite being sick and on medication.

The video, which was shot by a neighbour, shows the child crying and knocking on the door to be let in while another child looks on.

In a Facebook post, the parents said that the owner of the day care centre was arrested after a police complaint was filed but was released on bail.

“We as parents will not let this go and will see it through till the end. What was done to our kid was truly cruel and a punishable offence….how blind and inhuman can one be to watch my son scream his head off for hours. What about the effect it had on the other children who were at the day care? The neighbours have confirmed and given in their statements saying that our son was screaming for hours in distress,” the parents of the child said.

The parents said that the child was sick that day and the day care was informed and handed over medication and yet he was kept outside exposed in just a pamper.

“We have been blessed and had many people reach out to us with help and advise and we are so grateful for this. Kids are the future and their foundation is really important and Day cares and montessori’s should have stronger regulations to operate and not let monsters or unprofessional inhuman people like this run them,” the parents of the boy said. (Colombo Gazette) 



  1. I am not trying to divert the wrongdoing done by the daycare centre, they are just irresponsible people. if the child is sick and they cant control they should call the parents and inform them.
    But the other point is if the child was sick parents should not keep him a daycare centre and pass their responsibility to look after sick child to someone else. The parents are just selfish human they concern only their comfort and not their child nor other children in the daycare. do we like keep our children with a sick child, what about other children catch the sickness.

  2. You do not know what the sickness was?Was it infectious?Were the parents working or just sitting at home?
    Do not criticise without knowing the full facts.

    • Dr. Nathan, I do understand your concerns but you dont do that to a child especially when he or she is sick. Left outside in a pamper for 4 hours???? I dont think that is humane at all. The child looks no more than 2 years old. What kind of people are we??

      • Hi Tanya,
        I’m shocked to see this.I hop the law enforcement took adequate action against the culprits.ever since I saw this,gives me creeps about child for a preschool even.
        By any chance du u have any idea which preschool or day care this is???


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