Sampath Bank redefines celebrations with Sampath igift first blockchain based banking solution in Sri Lanka

Sampath Bank announced the launch of Sampath igift, a unique person to person gifting mobile app that is set to transform the way Sri Lanka celebrates momentous occasions.

The app enables all Sampath Bank account holders to gift money to anyone in their smartphone’s contact list. They can gift any amount between Rs.100 to Rs.10,000 per gift, up to a maximum of Rs.100,000 per day. They can also include personalized messages with text, selfies, emoticons, stickers and more, to their friends and family, with the gift.

Sampath Bank has built Sampath igift using blockchain technology, becoming the first to develop and introduce a blockchain based banking solution in Sri Lanka. Continuing to transform Sri Lanka’s financial services landscape through its innovative products and solutions, this is yet another instance of the Bank being the first to adopt emerging technologies to add value to its customers.

Sampath Bank account holders can simply start using Sampath igift by downloading and installing the app and registering themselves through it. Currently available on the Google Play Store, the app will soon be hitting the Apple App Store. 


Recipients who have the app installed on their smartphone will get an in-app notification when they receive gifts through Sampath igift. They can retrieve the gift and deposit the money to their account at Sampath Bank or any other bank in Sri Lanka. In the event the recipient does not have the app on their phone, they will receive aSMS with a link to download the app and access the gift. 

We are excited to redefine how Sri Lanka sends and receives gifts with Sampath igift. Allowing Sampath Bank accountholders to send gifts of money to their friends and family, the app is set to revolutionize the way people utilize financial services in their daily lives,” said Mr. Nanda Fernando, Managing Director, Sampath Bank PLC. “With this, we have earned the distinction of being the first bank in Sri Lanka to introduce a blockchain based solution. We look forward to seeing Sampath igift becoming a part of celebrations across the island, delivering greater value and joy to our fellow Sri Lankans.”

Sampath igift is one of the innumerable benefits available to Sampath Bank account holders. The Bank offers a host of other cutting edge solutions such as Sampath Vishwa online banking, Slipless Banking, Missed Call Banking, Robot Banking, Internet Payment Gateway (IPG), Chatbot and more that add value to consumers and businesses while providing them with more convenient access to the services they need.

To know more about Sampath igift, please call 011 230 30 50 or visit any of the 229 Sampath Bank branches island wide.


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