Two Australians killed in accident on Southern Expressway

Two Australians were killed and another two sustained injuries in an accident on the Southern Expressway, the Police said.

The Police said the accident took place near the 65th Mile Post along the expressway early this morning.

The van in which the foreigners were travelling had crashed into a container lorry which was parked along the expressway.

It was reported that the lorry had a flat tyre and had been parked on the side of the expressway when the van crashed into it.

The Police said that an Australian woman and a 4 year old child were killed in the accident while two others sustained injuries and were admitted to hospital. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Do any drivers know the expressway code. Do vehicles carry Warning Boards to be placed when a vehicle is in problem. Some drivers are harassing by horning and signalling to overtake, Some are going in snail speed in the right lane the lane for overtaking. Give some printed documents on expressway code at the entry point.


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