Cyaniq.Social launches “The Collaborator Network”

Cyaniq.Social continued its pioneering bid for thought leadership in the Sri Lankan social media industry landscape with the launch of “The Collaborator Network” at a meetup event for Instagram collaborators held at the Galle Face Hotel.

The meetup was scheduled ahead of the planned Instagram Collaborator Forum due to take place on the 22nd of June and served as a platform to unveil the blueprint for an inclusive, distributed, collaborative network of collaborators.

“The Collaborator Network is an idea that we’ve had for a long time and one that has evolved to be a comprehensive platform for collaborators from a full spectrum of content backgrounds. Shortly put, the Network is a collaborative social media platform based on a distributed architecture which allows widespread distribution of communications moderated by module-level commentary,” explained Dilshan Senaratne, Founder of Cyaniq.Social speaking at the event.

The event saw the participation of a number of leading Instagram content creators from a number of disciplines including music, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, travel and food. The participants were hosted to high tea at the Galle Face Hotel Cafe in addition to being introduced to a number of brands looking to continue working with collaborators on the Instagram platform.

FriMi, the innovative new lifestyle platform launched by Nations Trust Bank, leading brand of Ceylon Tea, Zesta, Combat APR, the newly launched performance apparel brand, Lee Bows, DiyaSaayam and Isle of Gelato, Sri Lanka’s very own authentic brand of gelato were among the corporate partners present at the event.

“We are a young brand intended for the youth market and we see a great brand fit with The Collaborator Network and the Instagram platform as a whole. We believe in freeing the lifestyle of our youth-centric customer base and this is the message we are here to communicate and we are confident Cyaniq.Social and The Network will be able to take that message to a wide audience,” commented Ashani Senaratne, Senior Marketing Manager of FriMi.

Over the recent years, Instagram as a social media platform has gained widespread traction and has been able to attract a large amount of interest from corporates. Over a million active users are expected to be on the platform in Sri Lanka as at the start of the year and the growth trajectory looks set to continue upward. It is in this context that Cyaniq.Social has stepped into the industry to take a specialized stand in the social media marketing space.

“We have been able to rally a lot of interest around our initiatives in the Instagram related industry space and we hope to continue in this area. We’ve been successful in being recognized by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority as a project of importance to developing tourism within the country and we are confident that other authorities as well as corporates will embrace The Collaborator Network as a valuable tool in the mass communication aspect. We are able to quickly deliver messages to a wide audience, making us ideal in crisis communication situations as well as in the dissemination of updates and alerts regarding current affairs,” stated Dilshan in his comments after the event.

Following the introductory keynote delivered by Dilshan, two senior collaborators in The Network, Sharan Velauthan and Zainab Faizal shared their experiences of working with brands and their peers as collaborators.

Cyaniq.Social intends to take these meetup events forward with initiatives already underway to host other social media platform collaborators to similar events. The team behind The Collaborator Network is confident in the Network’s ability to supplement the local media landscape as an invaluable contributor to the broader setting.


The Collaborator Network is a distributed media collective consisted of social media personalities, content creators, new media platforms and social influencers looking to shape the shifting media landscape of today. The Collaborator Network is a distributed media collective consisted of social media personalities, content creators, new media platforms and social influencers looking to shape the shifting media landscape of today.

A socially conscious media collective, The Collaborator Network looks to prove it invaluable to individuals, businesses and authorities looking to communicate through responsible effective mass media channels.