Proposal, petition submitted to fight child abuse in Sri Lanka

A proposal and petition has been submitted to fight child abuse in Sri Lanka.

AYAVEC, a collective of seven volunteer youth organizations, campaigning against child abuse and for the protection of children’s rights presented a petition consisting of 100,000 signatures to the Minister of Women and Child Affairs, Chandrani Bandara. The petition also consisted of a proposal to fight against child abuse in Sri Lanka.

The event which was held in Battaramulla was attended by many other dignitaries and also marked the inauguration of AYAVEC.

While the event consisted of several important initiatives, its highlight was the effort taken by the organization to draw attention to the steps they had outlined for the authorities to follow to fight child abuse.

The members of AYAVEChad carried out an island-wide door to door campaign prior to this event, raising awareness and amassing public support for the cause. The missive consisting of the 100,000 signatures and proposed measures to fight child abuse was officially presented to the public representatives for their necessary actions.

The organization launched this campaign under the theme “Be humane towards children”, and requested the responsible adults of society to represent and emanate the values of humanity, and to rid ourselves of all inhumane qualities.

At a national level AYAVEC is backed by the ‘Abhimana’ organization and upheld by Child Fund Sri Lanka for technical and financial support.

AYAVEC stated that their objective is to push forward with fresh purpose and drive to prevent all forms of abuse and injustice against children in the country following this inaugural initiative. (Colombo Gazette)