US reveals time for historic meeting between Trump and Kim

Preparations for a summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are going well, and the two are tentatively scheduled to meet at 9:00am Singapore time (11:00am AEST) on June 12, the White House says.

The announcement of the timing for the first meeting between the two leaders came just three days after Mr Trump hosted a senior North Korean delegation at the White House bearing a letter from Mr Kim.

Mr Trump, who had previously cancelled the summit, abruptly announced the meeting was back on.

Asked about the contents of Mr Kim’s letter, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to “get into the specifics of the letter” but added “we feel like things are continuing to move forward and good progress has been made”.

“I can tell you the President has been receiving daily briefings on North Korea from his national security team,” she said.

“And I can also tell you the schedule tentatively for that first meeting will be on June 12 at 9:00am Singapore time.”

Asked whether the US maximum-pressure campaign against North Korea would continue, Ms Huckabee Sanders said US policy had not changed and Washington continued to maintain tough sanctions on Pyongyang.

“We have sanctions on, they are very powerful and we would not take those sanctions off unless North Korea denuclearised,” she said.

Mr Trump said last week he no longer wanted to use the phrase “maximum pressure” to describe the campaign because North Korea was being more cooperative, even though the United States is keeping current sanctions in place. (Courtesy Reuters)