Northern Province Minister refuses to accept summons by TID

Northern Province Minister of Education Dr K Sarveswaran has refused to accept a summons issued on him by the Police Terrorism Investigations Department (TID).

Sarveswaran had been issued the summons yesterday to appear before the TID on June 5th to record a statement.

However Sarveswaran says he had refused to accept the summons as his name did not appear on the notice.

Sarveswaran had recently called on schools in the North to fly the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) flag at half-mast on May 18 as a mark of respect to the Tamils killed during the war.

He had said in a statement that the Tamils have been fighting for their rights for 70 years, both diplomatically and through war.

Sarveswaran had said that in May 2009 the international community was misled to believe the armed struggle for Tamil rights was terrorism and they supported the end of the war. (Colombo Gazette)