SriLankan Airlines flight hits ground lights while landing in Cochin

A SriLankan Airlines flight hit two ground lights while landing at the Cochin airport in India this evening.

SriLankan Airlines UL flight 167 en route from Colombo to Cochin landed during an intense rain shower caused by the onset of the Monsoon at the Cochin International Airport, SriLankan Airlines said.

SriLankan said that due to the ambient conditions, strong winds and heavy rain, the aircraft veered towards the edge of the runway and caused damage to some ground lights.

The flight, which was carrying a total 228 passengers and 12 crew members, landed safely with no injuries to passengers or crew.

“SriLankan Airlines affords the highest priority to the safety of its passengers and crew members at all times. The aircraft was given a thorough inspection and certified as undamaged by SriLankan Airlines engineering staff,” the airline said in a statement.

SriLankan Airlines said that the incident caused minor damages to two lights on the runway. (Colombo Gazette)