Cyaniq.Social set to host Sri Lanka’s first Instagram Collaborator Forum

With the rising popularity of the Instagram platform in Sri Lanka,, a premier proponent of the platform has announced plans to host the platform’s first Collaborator Forum in Sri Lanka on the 22nd of June at the Galle Face Hotel.

Over the past year, Instagram has seen a rapid rise in popularity with the youth segment of Sri Lanka mirroring global trends and taking to the platform in a big way. As a result, many marketing outfits including have started including Instagram based marketing activities in their portfolio. in particular has championed the idea of influencer led social media marketing, a marketing strategy in which focus is shifted from the market to key thought leaders and specialized individual content creators. This type of marketing has proven to be highly successful in verticals such as F&B, Hospitality, Fashion, Consumer Goods and Electronics.

It is in this context, that in collaboration with Galle Face Hotel and a host of other corporate partners including Oppo Mobile, Wine World, Olu, Elephant House and Hello Print has announced the first ever Collaborator Forum event to be worked out in June.

“The Collaborator Forum is an initiative that brings together the Instagram ecosystem’s most notable content creators, personalities, marketers and brands in one place to share ideas with each other and learn from one another. We are focused on the Instagram platform in our first installment of the Collaborator Forum given that we have championed the platform heavily ourselves, but we hope to expand to other platforms soon,” commented Dilshan Senaratne, Founder of

The Collaborator Forum has been planned to include three independent segments of which the first will be keynote presentations, the second will be performance acts and the final segment being a round of networking among the 100 invitees.

Bhanuka Harischandra, the CEO of new media marketing company Surge Global and Riaan George, the globally acknowledged luxury blogger based in India have been confirmed to deliver keynote presentations. More prominent figures are expected to join the foray.

Bhanuka has succeeded in rallying an engaged audience around his video content dealing with entrepreneurship, business and motivation. His content strategy modeled from his own experiences building a successful media business is insightful and engaging, making him a natural selection for a keynote delivery at the forum.

Riaan is a journalist with decade-long experience covering the most lucrative events around the world. His transition from print to digital and from digital to social has earned him his prominence as a luxury blogger continuously collaborating with the world’s biggest brands.

In the performance segment, Stephanie Sansoni, whose cover performances of hit songs have garnered her a collective following exceeding 100,000 individuals across her social media channels is set to serenade the invitees.

“It was important for us to maintain the communal integrity of the platform ecosystem with this first event. As a result, we have opted for an invitation based event of no more than 100 attendees. Anyone with an interest in the proceedings can log in to our live stream of the event. The invitations are based on prominence and activity on the Instagram platform itself,” explained DIlshan.

The planning and execution of the event has been charged to Events by Vibe, the official Event Planner whose contributions have been vital in designing and coordinating the event to its expected stature.

The event has attracted a number of interested corporate partners including Galle Face Hotel, the Venue Partner for the event. The interest of corporates and brands in an event of this nature is telling of the platform’s potential to contribute to the delivery of brand messages and marketing communications.

Networking and fellowship among the ecosystem’s most prominent collaborators is an avenue that the Collaborator Forum looks to fully engage in. Platforms such as Instagram have shown tremendous potential for collaborative content, an aspect that international content creators have been highly successful at leveraging to their benefit.

Collaborations between brands, content creators and personalities have all reaped benefits for involved parties. The influencer marketing industry which borrows heavily from the collaborative aspect of social media is valued currently at nearly USD 2 Billion.

The local talent in areas of content creation and distribution have emerged and flourished in recent years, with many brands taking the initiative to work alongside social media influencers and content creators. has been instrumental in defining the new media landscape in which influencer marketing is a key component. The content marketing blueprint advocated by the company and its founder is now adopted by a number of players in the industry.

“We’ve always been clear about what we value as a company. The tenets of being contentual, social, collaborative and platform-neutral are part of the DNA and allows us to work with anyone, even our competitors. This is the reality of the new media landscape that we are learning to adjust to and make full use of. Collaborative marketing and collaboration as a whole in fact is dependent on achieving synergies that are mutually beneficial, and that is something we try to do in everything we do.”

The Collaborator Forum is expected to see the attendance of some of the platform’s most prominent personalities. The networking segment of the event will give these personalities the opportunity to mingle with each other and potentially strike up conversations and synergies involving collaborations that can be entered in time to come.

“Cyaniq.Social is a content-specialized new media marketing consultancy with a broad, progressive vision for the future of brand-speak. We enable our customers and stakeholders to voice their brand stories to the right audience through immaculately crafted content, distributed socially and monitored for maximum impact. Through this event we hope to reinforce our brand message and offer a platform for our peers to engage a very relevant audience of brands, content creators, influencers and collaborators at large. In a lot of ways, we are setting the infrastructures that will help all of us along the way,” commented Dilshan in closing.

The Collaborator Forum will be held at the Galle Face Hotel on the 22nd of June and registrations are now open at , the event will also be live streamed across social media channels.