Death toll from adverse weather rises, over 50,000 affected

The death toll from the adverse weather rose further today while over 50,000 people have been affected and many of them displaced.

The Disaster Management Centre said that eight people had been confirmed killed as of today and 52,380 people affected.

The floods and adverse weather saw some roads being closed and train services being disrupted.

The Army media unit said that the military had been deployed to assist those affected and carry out rescue operations.

The Army media unit said that around 300 members of the Army, together with the Navy and Air Force are currently engaged in flood relief emergencies in the worst-affected areas.

The Army said that 25 boats of the Army had been deployed to some areas while the Navy had also deployed boats to rescue people trapped in flood affected areas.

As heavy rain continued, landslide warnings were issued for several areas on Monday while people living along major rivers were cautioned over the possibility of floods.

Meanwhile the Government information department quoted State Minister Palitha Range Bandara as saying that certain deaths had occurred due to the failure to follow instructions issued by the Meteorological Department and Disaster Management Centre.

The State Minister said that speedy relief will be provided to all the displaced families. He also said that relief teams have been deployed to high-risk areas.

Pictures by Lalith Perera: