Maldives opposition slams decision by Elections Commission

The Joint Opposition in the Maldives condemned the Maldives Elections Commission in the strongest possible terms, after the Elections Commission announced that all political leaders, apart from President Yameen, are banned from contesting the presidential elections, due to be held later this year.

The Elections Commission made the announcement yesterday. The Joint Opposition said that the Elections Commission had warned political parties, saying that would prevent party primaries from taking place if banned opposition leaders contested.

The Joint Opposition accused the Elections Commission of being “hopelessly politicised” and “little more than a mouthpiece for President Yameen.”

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has already started his campaign for the MDP primaries, which will be held at the end of May. The Jumhooree Party has announced their candidate for Presidential Election will be Party Leader Qasim Ibrahim. (Colombo Gazette)