Military commemorates soldiers killed during the war

The military today commemorated the soldiers killed during the 30 year war against the LTTE.

Commemoration events were held in all parts of the country at military camps.

In the North, the military placed floral tributes to monuments built in memory of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country.

Meanwhile the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, in a statement said that the unfailing commitment, tireless dedication, bravery and courage as well as proper planning of Army, Navy and Air Force members enabled them to rescue thousands of innocent Tamil civilians, used as human shields, and defeat the LTTE which had by then taken to a cycle of terrorism with the support of the international Diaspora for the creation of an Eelam state.

Accordingly, he says, terrorism was completely eradicated on 19 May 2009 after capturing the last patch of land, held by the terrorists.

He said that the 23,962 Army soldiers,  1160 of the Navy, 443 of the Air Force, and 2598 policemen and 456 Civil Security Department members made the supreme sacrifice, thus enabling all Sri Lankans to enjoy the present day’s spirits of freedom.

“Nine years have passed by 19 May 2018 since the eradication of terrorism from our soil. I firmly believe the freedom thus gained should be shared not by exaggerated glorification or through mere rhetoric and hyperbole but by showing our sentiments of deep gratitude to fallen Tri Service, Police, Civil Security Department members and civilians who rooted terrorism out. Great War Heroes, pertinent to mention here, must not therefore be manipulated to serve narrow objectives and personal agendas, nor should they be incited to resort to emotional and anti-social acts,” he said.

The Army Commander said that the soldiers sacrificed their lives expecting peace and reconciliation and so efforts must be made to avoid the recurrence of a war and preserve the hard-earned freedom for generations to come. (Colombo Gazette)

Photos by Shree FM/Romesh Madushanka