UN insists Sri Lanka must comply with UN policy on troops

The United Nations has insisted that Sri Lanka must comply with UN policies for Sri Lankan troops to be deployed on peacekeeping operations.

Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman for the UN Secretary‑General told reporters that as of the past week, the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka was conducting an additional tier of vetting for 49 Sri Lankan officers who have been already deployed to the UN Mission in Lebanon, UNIFIL.

He said the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka is undertaking their vetting and the vetting of the remaining 101 military personnel of the unit who are scheduled to be deployed.

Haq said the UN is working together with the Government of Sri Lanka to ensure that the screening arrangements with the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka comply with UN policy.

He said that compliance with these arrangements will be required before the UN can receive any further deployments or rotations from Sri Lanka.

The move follows Sri Lankan troops being accused in the past of sexual abuse while being engaged in UN peacekeeping operations. (Colombo Gazette)