A new way of reading Colombo Gazette now on the Volusha app

We all love to stay up to date on what is happening around us. One of the best ways to stay tuned is to read news papers and seek information on internet. But, all of us are getting busier every day and the good old reading habits are getting away from us. Most of the working population now find it difficult to spare some time to watch the TV. Therefor most of us now are majorly relying on two news sources; Facebook and text messages from services we have subscribed.

But, what if we have a system that we can get the latest news whenever we want from wherever we are right into our finger tips? Not stopping from that, what if that system can read the news for us, so we can listen while doing some other work? Well, that is exactly what “Volusha” News Speaker does. Era of sitting in front of a computer or watching at your Tan to read the news are gone with this innovative Android App.

Volusha News Speaker is a news reading Android mobile app.It picks latest news updates from trusted media resources like news paper and media channel websites and bring them into your phone at your own convenience. As a result, you will see news from multiple resources, not just from one place and it is a One Stop Shop for Large number of local and international news channels.Volusha is developed for the busy lifestyles and for anyone who prefer “easy news” reading, so with a press of a button, the app can read the news headlines and  an entire news article you select for you.

In Sri Lanka, you will be able to get the latest news from lot of trusted news resources, including Colombo Gazette. Most probably you will see lot of news coming from Colombo Gazette in Volusha, because it is a news resource full of latest news and all of its fans now have the facility to read and listen to its news right inside the Volusha app. Colombo Gazette fans can identify its news with the name and logo and they can even see how latest the news is, because the Volusha app will show when the news was posted. To see a news article, simply click on the news title and the news webpage will be opened inside the app. If you want the app to read the article, simply click on the speaker button and wait until the app starts reading.

With “Volusha” app, you can also read the news in your favorite topics like Sports, World and Technology. You will see all the topics inside the `Library` screen, where you can navigate from the bottom menu.

If you want to read any international news, you can select the country you want to see the news and select the news thereafter. Yes, it is simple as that.

Volusha News Speaker is a product from 3iTeam International, an emerging Sri Lankan startup into speech technologies and innovation. You can check some of their innovative work by visiting www.3iteam.com.