Lankan teen in Italy attempts suicide over fear of marriage

A Sri Lankan teen in Italy had attempted suicide over fears she will be forced by her father to marry, the ANSA news agency reported.

The 14-year-old of Sri Lankan origin living in Lecce in Italy has revealed that she almost took her life because she was afraid her father would force her into marriage, one month after telling her teacher she had cut her wrists because her dad had taken away her phone, the local newspaper Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia reported.

Social services a month ago placed the teen in foster care but the daily said she has just found the courage to speak out.

The girl reportedly told her teacher that her father had seized her phone fearing she could use it to talk or chat with a boyfriend, compromising an arrangement he had reached when she was 10 to marry her off to a young man from Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)