Government insists will not allow foreign judges to probe war

The Government insisted it will not allow foreign judges to be part of a domestic process to investigate incidents related to the war.

President Maithripala Sirisena said that the Government will not hunt soldiers who protected the country, the President’s office said.

Sirisena said that it is not ethical for political parties to use soldiers to meet their own political agendas.

The President had made the remarks after unveiling the ‘Wayamba Rana Abhiman’ War Heroes’ Monument in Kurunegala, the President’s office said today.

He also rejected allegations raised against the Government with regards to the military.

The President said that even though the Government has been accused of victimising soldiers, the real soldier victimization occurred during the past régime.

He said that the present Government fulfills its responsibilities with the support of the international community to secure the pride of the soldiers.

The President noted that the Government took steps to put an end to the talk of “the electric chair” and bringing foreign judges into the country to hear cases against the Army.

“Even though certain members of the army were taken in to custody for investigation purposes of certain cases it is not a hunting down of soldiers and no soldier who has protected the country were harmed and the Government has worked towards giving them the highest respect,” the President said. (Colombo Gazette)