Seven Lankans detained in Mauritius after being smuggled abroad

A group of Sri Lankans have been detained in Mauritius after they were duped by human smugglers.

Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Seychelles, Tikiri Herath Gunathilaka said that the Sri Lankans had paid huge sums of money and travelled to Mauritius expecting employment.

However he said the Sri Lankans were instead arrested on the basis that they did not have valid documents to enter the country.

Gunathilaka said that steps are now being taken to deport the seven Sri Lankans back to Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan mission in the Seychelles overlooks Mauritius.

Gunathilaka said that at a time when steps are being taken to obtain the visa-on-arrival facility for Sri Lankans to visit Seychelles, those attempts may face hurdles when Sri Lankans attempt to enter Seychelles or Mauritius illegally.