All hotels in Mirissa told must register with the SLTDA

All hotels operating in Mirissa have been told they must register with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA), Minister of Project Management, Youth Affairs and Southern Development Sagala Ratnayaka said.

Ratnayaka held a meeting in Kamburugamuwa with the Police, relevant officials and hotel operators today on the recent incident involving a group of Dutch tourists.

The Minister said on a Facebook post that he had advised the hotel owners to strictly follow the law with regards to registering with the SLTDA and also to adhere to the law on the sale of liquor.

The SLTDA had this week ordered the Water Creatures Beach Guest Restaurant & Surf Bar to be closed following an assault on some foreign tourists and sexual abuse.

The Police had later arrested several suspects over the incident and they were remanded by court.

It was reported that four tourists including a Dutch male and two women were assaulted at the Surf Bar in Mirissa on 8th April when they resisted the suspects attempting to sexually harass the women. (Colombo Gazette)