Girl in Singapore finds missing Sri Lankan Tamil father

A girl in Singapore has found her father in Sri Lanka after a story appeared on the Colombo Gazette and other websites saying she was looking for him.

Durga Keshav said that she has received various messages from her paternal relatives and cousins with regards to her father.

“After so much of questioning and getting proofs from them, It is confirmed that my dad is still around. I have spoken to my dad. He still has all the letters that my mum wrote to him and the photographs as well. He also asked if it’s ok to be in contact with him, and If I will even call him back. No plans of meeting him or his family as I don’t want to disturb them. My step siblings have requested to speak to me as they have accepted the truth. However, I would want to  travel to Sri Lanka in the near future to know my roots,” Durga Keshav told the Colombo Gazette.

She was a one year old when her father left but and Durga Keshav later launched a campaign to locate her father who she believed was either in Sri Lanka or Australia.

Durga Keshav had said last week that Kanagasundaram Somasundaram left her family in Singapore and came to Sri Lanka in 1991 but never returned.

Keshav said that her father left Singapore following a workplace accident in which one of his fingertips was injured.

She says he mother had posted newspaper advertisements in Sri Lanka through a Singaporean lawyer looking for her father from the time he left to the year 2000 but there was no luck.

She also published a post on her Facebook which was republished in the Singaporean media recently.

“I am searching for my biological Father, Kanagasundaram Somasundaram (Age 60). He left us 27 years ago, My mum (Vimala) and me when I was 1+years old. After a workplace injury that cut off one of his fingertip, he left to Sri Lanka in 1991, since then he has not returned to Singapore. I’m looking for my father so that my mum and ‘I’ have some closure to some of the questions that has been pondering us. My mum is still not married or attached to anyone as she still respect my father as her husband,” the Facebook post read.

Kanagasundaram Somasundaram was born in Point Pedro, Jaffna and is a Sri Lankan Tamil.

Somasundaram has two younger siblings, a brother and sister and is a resident of Pandivirichchan near the Madhu Church.

“My father was a teacher who taught Arts in Sri Lanka and India before he came to Singapore to work as a carpenter. I have a couple of documents to proof of his birth, village certificate, registry of marriage certificate, special pass entry document. The last information that we knew about him was that in 1994-1995 he had left to either Canada or Australia with his new family (not sure of the authenticity of the info),” Durga Keshav said.

Durga Keshav says she was not looking to get anything from her father other than just find him and get closure. (Colombo Gazette)