Sri Lankan maid arrested in Sharjah after failed suicide attempt

The Sharjah Police have arrested a 47-year-old Sri Lankan maid after suspecting that she had attempted suicide. The woman has been working as a domestic help for an Emirati family for more than 10 years, Khaleej Times reported

Police said that the maid tried to get off the moving car in the neighborhood of her sponsor’s house after she argued with a Pakistani driver who refused to drop her off in the area.

She was rushed to the hospital by the same driver, but the hospital immediately notified the operations room of the Sharjah Police. A team was dispatched to the hospital to interrogate the maid who denied that she had attempted suicide.

The police also interrogated the driver who said she argued with him and insisted to get off the car. When he refused, she opened the door and jumped from the moving car.

The police are waiting for the maid’s sponsor to return to the country for interrogation to determine whether the case was a suicide attempt. (Colombo Gazette)