Citizens over 100 years to get monthly allowance of Rs.5000

Sri Lankan citizens over 100 years of age will receive a monthly allowance of Rs.5000, the Government said today.

A proposal made by the Minister of Social Empowerment and Welfare and Kandyan Heritage S.B Dissanayake to provide the allowance was approved by the cabinet.

It was decided by the cabinet to provide a monthly allowance of Rs.5000/- to all the adult citizens over 100 years of age with the view of verifying their living security and welfare.

There are approximately 350 Sri Lankan citizens over the age of 100 living in the country at present. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Maybe you buy and import a car less on government costs and pay a decent pension. It takes a long time to find another country whose government wastes so much money on its own fleet of vehicles.

  2. ‘Sri Lankan citizens over 100 years of age to get 5000@

    Surely this headline is a joke, Late April Fools Joke?

    HAve they no seen the mortality rate in SL

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