Army cricketers to play in Malaysia

The Sri Lanka Army Cricket team, now gaining ground as one of the elite national teams, at the invitation of the Malaysia Cricket Association (MCA), left the island on Sunday (25) to participate in a 12-day cricket tournament to be played during 25 March to 5 April.

Lieutenant Ajantha Mendis and Warrant Officer 1 Seekuge Prasanna of the national team will represent the Army squad during the tournament.

During the tour, Army cricketers meet several international cricket teams in the NSCA international champions’ league 20/20 during 27-30 March in Malaysia.

Afterwards, Army cricketers would play 3 one-day (50 overs) matches with Malaysian national cricket team during 1-3 April.

These types of tournaments will increase the confidence among members and help cricketers to orientate to different turfs.