Two day workshop on poultry knowledge and technology transfer

A two day workshop and seminar was organized in Colombo on the 15th and 16th of March by Fortune Grand Parent Farms Lanka Ltd for its staff and customers (consisting of Large and Middle Scale parent broiler breeder farms and hatcheries).

Fortune Grand Parent Farms Lanka Ltd is a joint-venture between Bairaha Farms PLC. and Farms Pride Pvt. Ltd., to produce locally Parent Broiler Breeder chicks at its state of the art Farm and Hatchery, utilizing high quality Grand Parent Broiler Breeder chicks imported from Cobb Vantress Inc.

The said supplier, namely, Cobb Vantress Inc., one of the two leading primary poultry breeding companies in the World, have their primary breeding operations in U.S.A., United Kingdom, Netherlands, New Zealand among others. There were in total eleven representatives from Cobb VantressInc., at the seminar and workshop.

The workshop and seminar was useful to impart latest knowledge in a dynamic poultry industry, so that it would help poultry organizations and farmers to produce quality chicks, and in turn to produce broilers which grow fast. These fast-growing broilers, derive their natural growth potential from their parent breeders,which drive their potential from their grand parent, which drive from their great grand parents, and they in turn derive from their great,great grand parents and so on.

The fast-growing broilers are utilized by thousands of poultry farmers in Sri Lanka, as it is the case in other countries, to produce chicken meat without the need for any use of hormone whatsoever. Sri Lankan poultry industry produces around 120million broilers per annum and there is no technical or economic justification whatsoever to inject any hormone to grow broilers. Even if such hormones are to be used the Industry needs to obtain import permit from the Department of Animal Production and Health, and if such hormones were imported the Health Ministry would also be aware ofany such imports.

As a result of Fortune Grand Parent Farms Lanka Ltd., engaging in the production of parent broiler breeder chicks, they re able to save nearly US$5,000,000 per annum in import substitution. Further we also export part of our quality parent breeder chicks to other Asian countries.

Thousands of local maize (corn) farmers and their families almost exclusively depend on the poultry industry for their livelihood.