Elegant dining at The Capital Bar and Grill

By Daphne Charles

Elegant and intimate, The Capital Bar and Grill at Shangri-la Hotel Colombo offers patrons a dining experience that’s bound to be memorable.

Tucked away from the opulence that greets you at the entrance, the restaurant is tastefully decorated at three levels to cater to patrons’ tastes.

The ambience that greets you upon entrance to the restaurant is that of a stylish bar, complete with an impressive selection of wines and spirits that also boasts the biggest selection of whiskies in the city.

Towering on one side of the seating area are ceiling to floor shelves that boast an impressive 2000 crystal-cut glasses. The chic lighting and décor, along with music from the jazz outfit, makes the bar feel cosy and contemporary.

Leading from the main bar area is a White Room that offers a more vintage feel. With its pleasing ambience of lucent white furnishings and gentle touches, the room provides ideal seating for more intimate conversation. This room also overlooks the outside area, where patrons might want to retreat for some fresh air and chit-chats.

Leading out of the White Room is the Blue Room, where as the suggestions goes, everything radiates blue. Designed in the fashion of a diner, the room provides seating space that is comfortable yet contemporary. Diners also have a view of the flaming grills in the show kitchens.

The menu looks promising, offering a range of steaks and seafood grills, that are made to individual preferences. Promising to serve the finest, The Capital Bar and Grill is a must visit.