Low-pressure area to result in heavy rain in Sri Lanka

The low-pressure area in the Comorin region has now intensified into a well-marked low pressure area. It is presently seen over the Equatorial Indian Ocean and adjoining the Comorin area, south of Sri Lanka and Southwest of the Bay of Bengal.

According to Skymet Weather, the system would move in west-northwest direction towards the Southeast Arabian Sea. As the system continues to move in favorable conditions, it is most likely to concentrate into a depression during the next 48 hours over Southeast Arabian Sea.

The system would largely affect the Comorin region and Sri Lanka, that could see moderate to heavy showers in the coming days. But the peripherals of the system would be capable enough of giving good rains over parts of South and Interior Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and even covering parts of Konkan and the Goa region. (Colombo Gazette)