Kottu Fest at The Hilton Colombo Curry Leaf restaurant

The Kottu Fest at Hilton Colombo beckons all kottu-lovers to come savour the flavours at the Curry Leaf restaurant.

Organized to coincide with the big-match season, the 10 day-run of the Kottu Fest has an offering to cater to every kottu-fan.

Led by Chef Amila, the hotel has thrown in some unexpected flavours with the familiar and cooked up some mouth-watering preparations.

On the menu is everybody’s hot favourite Cheese Kottu, seriously hot Nai Miris Kottu and even a kurakkan Kottu for the health-conscious.

Meat-lovers will not be disappointed by the Batticaloa Mutton Kottu, the Green Curry Chicken kottu or the Tandoori Chicken Kottu, all with chunky yet flavorful pieces of meat.

Seafood-lovers will no doubt be lured by the Jumbo Prawn Kottu, Crab Meat Kottu and the Mixed Seafood Kottu.

All this will be on offer from the 7th to the 17th of March, and included in the Sri Lankan buffet served regularly at the Curry Leaf, at no extra cost, with the exception of the Jumbo Prawn Kottu and the Crab Meat Kottu.

Whether you want to taste one or all of these preparations, for a net price of Rs. 3583/-, it is an experience not to be missed.