Internet access restricted in Kandy, Facebook blocked in some areas

Internet access has been restricted in Kandy on the instructions of the Government while Facebook has been restricted in some other areas as well. showed that Facebook was not working in Colombo as of this afternoon (Wednesday).

The move comes as the Government looks to crackdown on the spread of hate speech using social media as tensions continue in Kandy.

The Government had said earlier that social media will be closely monitored to crackdown on hate speech. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Not only for the Central province, this blocking on the social media effected to entire country. We, who are living in non curfew areas are also blocked by the government authorities via T.R.C to hide the fact from the country.

  2. I cannot understand this. Hate speech can be active on other threads too. So what about them? Why only Facebook?

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