Curfew in Kandy lifted but Police say tight security remains

A curfew imposed in Kandy was lifted this morning but the Police said that tight security is still in place following the violence experienced yesterday.

The curfew was imposed till 6 this morning after a mob attacked several Muslim owned shops and other property.

The Police fired tear gas and later imposed a curfew as violence erupted in Kandy yesterday.

An angry mob attacked Muslim owned shops and at least one mosque in Digana following a protest.

The Police used tear gas to disperse the mob but the tensions continued.

Meanwhile, in Theldeniya the Police fired tear gas after an unruly mob, including monks, gathered outside the Theldeniya Police station.

The violence erupted after a man was killed in the Kandy area resulting in several racially motivated incidents.

The General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) the venerable Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara thera, was among those who visited the house of the victim on Sunday night.

The mob which gathered outside the Theldeniya Police station yesterday demanded that a group of suspects arrested over the racially motivated incidents be set free.

As the situation got out of control a Police curfew was imposed in the Kandy administrative district till 6am today.

The latest violence comes just weeks after similar violence erupted in Ampara. (Colombo Gazette)