Sri Lanka’s first Specialist Shelf-Out O2O Agency ‘Newton Lanka’ launched

Newton Lanka, Sri Lanka’s first specialistShelf Out Shopper Marketing Agency has been launched in Colombo with an aim to help brands develop Offline-2-Online Campaigns.Newton Lankais an extension of itsMalaysian counterpart, Newton TAC and offers Shelf-Out thinking –& Shopper Marketing with a belief in doing things the unconventional way.

Speaking on the venture, Mahesh Neelakantan – Strategic Investor of Newton Lanka and CEO of Newton TAC Malaysia said, “The decision to launch Newton Lanka in Sri Lanka stemmed from the belief that the local market was ready for an disruptive &entrepreneurial approach to creativity when it comes to helping brands thrive and stand out in today’s highly contestedenvironment. While brands have been doing Shopper Marketing in some form or the other for a while, it is currently being under-leveraged and there is to partner brands and retailers for it to become a game-changer. And we believe the timing is right for us to be uniquely positioned to offer this specialized service in Sri Lanka.”

Being equated to ‘Below-the-Line’ communications is the single biggest block and challenge facing Shopper Marketing.It is about understanding how customers behave as ‘shoppers’, understanding their purchase decision Hierarchy, and developing communication and ideas to engage them when they are in ‘Shopper’ Mode. It is time to relook at Shopper Marketing as a ‘rebadging of all the sales promotion/launch activity’ and instead explore the opportunities and possibilities of  ‘Marketing to the Shopper in an ‘Always On’ mode to help brands win at the Shelf.

While traditional ATL media still play a role in building awareness and triggering subtle perception changes, Shopper Marketing has a more direct, effective and immediate impact on the consumer’s purchase decision.

The Newton Lanka team is currently made up of 14 young and enterprising ‘idea-preneurs’ and is led by Director – Reshad Mohideen and Creative Director – Rushain Rodrigo, together with the guidance of Mahesh Neelakantan.

Newton Lanka’s current list of core clients include Fonterra and Hemas with whom they are carrying out effective campaigns since inception.

“We want to be an agency known for ideas and more importantly we want to make these ideas happen, hence the term “idea-preneurs”, says Neelakantan.

“Ideas is what we do and making them happen is our entrepreneurial spirit and ‘start-up’ approach. We are happy to come up with ideas, conceptualise them, and present them to clients. Clients can avail of two options – buy the idea and execute it via their existing agencies or engage us to execute it for them”, he explained.