Sampath Leasing offers lowest leasing rates in the market

Helping ever more individuals and businesses across Sri Lanka realise their dream of owning a vehicle, Sampath Leasing has kicked off 2018 with an unmatched range of leasing solutions with lowest rates and four convenient settlement options.

With inviting interest rates of 14.5% for 5 year leases and 14% for 3 years, both being the lowest in the market, Sampath Leasing offers leases for all types of vehicles, be it registered, unregistered, hybrid, electric, petrol or diesel. It also allows customers to choose from one of 4 easy payment methods that allow them to settle the lease amount as per their convenience.

Lessors can either repay the amount in equal monthly instalments or choose to pay smaller sums all throughout and make a one off residual payment of up to 25% of the lease amount as the last instalment. Alternately, they can go for step-up plans that allow them to a pay lower monthly instalment during the first year and higher sums in the following years or step down plans wherein the monthly instalment amount goes down at the end of every year. There is also the option to plan and make one off seasonal payments at specific time points, all without any additional fees or charges.

Furthermore, Sampath Leasing offers customers a free credit card with the joining fee and first year annual fee waived off as well as a special life insurance cover.

Sampath Leasing has also entered into partnerships with Associated Motorways (AMW) and DIMO, two of the country’s leading automobile dealers,providing customers with a host of added benefits when leasing Suzuki and Maruti small passenger vehicles and TATA commercial vehicles. The Sampath Leasing team is working on partnering with more merchants to present a wider selection to its customers.

Remarking on the extensive range of leasing solutions Mr. Tharaka Ranwala, Senior Deputy General Manager-Consumer Banking,Sampath Bank PLC, said, “At Sampath Bank we strive to focus on our customers, ensuring that we not only create great products but also great experiences. So not only do our leasing solutions provide great value but also a streamlined process and quick turnaround that helps them get in that vehicle as soon as possible. Hence everything from our solutions to our processes is tailor-made to ensure our customers have an unrivalled experience.”

Commenting on the innovative leasing solutions, Mr. Thusitha Nakandala, Deputy General Manager- Branch Banking, Sampath Bank PLC, said, “We at Sampath Bank are continuously focused on the needs of our customers and look to tailor make our solutions to help them meet these needs. To this end, we realized the necessity for more flexible solutions that would provide our customers with a wider choice while reducing their stress. Hence we are extremely happy to offer flexible leasing solutions which include leasing for registered and unregistered vehicles, something only previously offered by leasing companies, starting from a rate as low as 14% p. a.

Call Sampath Leasing on 0777 66 33 77 or visit your nearest Sampath Bank branch to avail a vehicle lease at the lowest rate in the market with convenient repayment options and a host of other unparalleled benefits.