Isle of Gelato collaborates with celebrity chef Peter Kuruvita

Isle of Gelato hosted their much-awaited flavor reveal in collaboration with celebrated Sri Lankan chef Peter Kuruvita.In line with Isle of Gelato’s brand philosophy to use Sri Lanka’s fresh fruits and spices, the collaboration between the two quintessentially Sri Lankan brands birthed three locally inspired flavours.

Below we look at the three flavours born of this epic collaboration.

Golden Milk Sorbetto: A spicy turmeric sorbet with a coconut milk base. The sorbet pays homage to the much-loved spice Turmeric, which has in recent years become somewhat of a global phenomenon with its healing powers being recognized worldwide. Who doesn’t love a delicious dessert with health benefits!

Jackfruit Sorbetto: This sorbet is one for the ages, with the sweet and tangy taste of waraka. The humble jackfruit, one of the most versatile fruits in the world is having its moment in the spotlight. Today it is used everywhere from vegan burgers to gourmet desserts. Isle of Gelato’s take on the jackfruit is a creamy decadent sorbet with a tangy twist, a must to beat the heat!

DiwulkiriSorbetto: The smell of woodapple evokes childhood memories for any Sri Lankan, and Peter Kuruvita is no different. The Diwulkiri sorbet is dedicated to Peter’s aunty Padmini, who makes Diwulkiri for him every time he visits! This is truly nostalgia in a cup.

Isle of Gelato is revolutionizing the Sri Lankan dessert space, serving up fresh artisanal gelato made from scratch. It is the only gelateria in Sri Lanka to make all their flavours from natural ingredients, with a focus on fresh fruit and local spices. The gelateria is also the only one which does not use any premixed ingredients, with each flavour whether it be a sorbet or gelato, made entirely from scratch without the use of any flavours or colours whatsoever. While their ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible, Isle of Gelato does not compromise on quality and brings down only the best nuts from Italy for their classic Italian flavours such as Pistachio and Hazelnut. The Pistachios for example are sourced from Sicily, a volcanic region, which is known to produce the best quality pistachios in the world. The hazelnuts are sourced from the Piedmont region, which produces the best quality hazelnuts in the world.

According to Suranjan and Shalini, the co-founders of Isle of Gelato, their brand is all about using the centuries old methods used by Italian Artisans while staying true to the island fruits and spices that make Sri Lanka truly unique. After all, being Italian is all about being local, with Italian cuisine differing even amongst regions, and Isle of Gelato pays homage to this Italian philosophy.

The brand’s love for its island home is evident in innovative flavours such as Buffalo Lemon Curd which is made using fresh buffalo curd, and their tamarind sorbet, the perfect balance of tangy and sweet.Isle of Gelato also utilizes the abundance of Sri Lankan spices in flavours such as Orange and Cardamom and Sticky Cinnamon Bun. For the first time in Sri Lanka and in fact the world, Isle of Gelato has also created a Love Cake flavor gelato, which combines a myriad of local spices to create a delicious tribute to the cake every Sri Lankan loves.

Their store in the Galle Fort serves up the best gelato in the island, and they also have a mini store at Caramel Pumpkin, a new café in Colombo 7. Later this year, Isle of Gelato will also open up an outlet in the Colombo City Centre mall.

Peter Kuruvita is the first Sri Lankan chef to receive the coveted Chef’s Hat rating which is the equivalent of the Michelin star in Australia for his restaurant; The Flying Fish Restaurant and Bar in Sydney. Peter Kuruvita is a true ambassador for Sri Lankan cuisine with many of his recipes inspired by the years he spent on the island, in his family kitchen, soaking up the unique smells and tastes. His TV show My Sri Lanka is broadcasted the world over, and is credited for thrusting Sri Lanka and its delicious cuisine onto the world stage.