Ampara tense following attack on shop and mosque

Ampara was reported to be tense today following an attack on a shop and a mosque early this morning.

The attack took place after a group of people accused a Muslim owned shop of mixing some pills in the food.

A video was posted on social media by a Buddhist organisation where a man is forced to confess to mixing the pills in the food.

A mob later set fire to the shop and other property and also attacked a mosque nearby.

The Police and Special Task Force (STF) have been deployed to the area to maintain the peace.

Several Muslim Ministers and Parliamentarians have called on the Police and the relevant authorities to investigate the incident.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen condemned the attacks that took place in Ampara.

He says the attacks targeted a Mosque and Muslim owned businesses in the Ampara town and began spreading early this morning.

Minister Bathiudeen, during today’s Cabinet meeting called on the Government to take “immediate and strict action” on those responsible, the Minister’s office said.

Bathiudeen also accused the the Ampara Police of turning a blind eye as the attacks continued to rage.

A mosque, a lodging place adjoining the mosque, several small shops close to the mosque, a street-side hotel, and several vehicles, all belonging to Muslims, were set alight by a group of men on the early hours of 27 February after an argument erupted between some men and the owner of a street-side hotel in the Ampara town. (Colombo Gazette)