Mercantile Produce Brokers dinner

Mercantile Produce Brokers (Pvt) Ltd one of the leading Tea Brokering Companiesin Sri Lanka hosted a grand Cocktail/Dinner at Hilton Colombo for all their Clients.

The main objective was to introduce the New Owner, messes TAD Lanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. 21st, December, 2017 TAD Lanka purchased the controlling interest held by NP Capital in Mercantile Produce Brokers, thereby becoming the new owners. Mr. Samantha Dodanwela, the Managing Director of Mercantile Produce Brokers introduces the newly appointed Chairman- Mr. Dhanuka Samarasinghe, Deputy Chairman- Mr. Atheeq Ansar and Director- Mr. Toshiaki Tanaka with great pleasure.

“These gentlemen will no doubt add value to our organization. The good news is that its’ business as usual. Therefore it’s important that I take this very special moment to express my gratitude to TAD Holdings for placing confidence on Mercantile Produce Brokers and deciding to invest in our company” ,says the Managing Director.

Also at this grand event it was highlighted by the Managing Director the great achievement of the year 2017 in selling 34.5Mn kilos of Tea and thereby expressing his appreciation for all the clients who had placed confidence on the company.

Experts have said that the key to hosting a successful event is pinpointing the purpose behind it. “Identify a measurable goal that everything is geared toward accomplishing”

“If you want to walk fast you need to walk alone but if you want to walk far you need to walk with others. I believe in walking with all of you on a long journey for the betterment and progress of all of us. I wish every one of you a highly successful 2018” finally says the Managing Director.