Army contradicts claims, says officer recalled for his own safety

The Army today contradicted claims made with regards to the Defense Attaché to the Sri Lankan High Commission in the UK Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, saying he was recalled for his own security and safety and not to take disciplinary action.

Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake told reporters in Vavuniya today that it his responsibility to ensure Brigadier Priyanka Fernando’s security and that was why he was asked to return to Sri Lanka.

Senanayake said that he hopes to meet Brigadier Priyanka Fernando soon to discuss his safety and security.

Earlier the Army had said that Brigadier Priyanka Fernando had been recalled to conduct a disciplinary inquiry over a recent incident.

Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, who returned to Sri Lanka this week, was seen gesticulating to slit throats of a group of pro-LTTE demonstrators opposite the High Commission office in London on February 4 when the embassy was celebrating the 70th independence day.

He was immediately suspended from work following a video, which showed him behaving in an offensive manner.

However, he was later allowed to resume duties on a Presidential directive only to be recalled this week. (Colombo Gazette)