US disappointment over extension of emergency in Maldives

The United States (US) has expressed disappointment over the extension of the State of Emergency in the Maldives and by President Abdulla Yameen for an additional 30 days.

“The United States (US) is disappointed by reports that Maldivian President Yameen has extended the state of emergency in that country for an additional 30 days,” the US State Department issued a statement on Tuesday.

“The United States continues to call on President Yameen to end the state of emergency, uphold the rule of law, permit the full and proper functioning of the Parliament and the judiciary, restore constitutionally guaranteed rights of the people of Maldives, and respect Maldives’ international human rights obligations and commitments,” the statement added.

On Tuesday, the Maldivian Parliament approved the extension of the State of Emergencyby 30 days, a day after President Abdulla Yameen sought the extension citing threat to national security and the constitutional crisis in the country.

The opposition leaders boycotted the saying and called the extension illegal and unconstitutional.

On Monday, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Security had voted to extend the State of Emergency by 30 days easing constitutional restrictions, the official release said.

The Maldives is facing political unrest since President Yameen imposed emergency after refusing to implement a Supreme Court order of freeing imprisoned oppositionleaders.

On February 2, the Maldivian Supreme Court acquitted former Maldivian PresidentMohamed Nasheed, former Maldivian Vice President Ahmed Adeeb and ordered the reinstatement of 12 other parliamentary members.

The political unrest in the country deepened further when the police used force to crack down on the Maldivian opposition leaders, who continued to hold anti-government protests. (ANI)