No requests for foreign military assist; says Maldives Defense

The Maldives Government has not made requests from any foreign countries to send their military for support or assistance, the Maldives defense forces claimed.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) – the local military – in a statement on Sunday morning confirmed the neither the state nor defense forces had ever requested any foreign military forces to provide their assistance or support for the island nation.

Military denies the rumors about the local government attempting to acquire help from allying nations.

In its statement, MNDF confirms the local defense forces are capable and efficient in countering the internal conflicts of Maldives, assuring the authorities have the strength to uphold the rule of law and constitutional rights and its freedom in protecting and serving the sovereignty of the country.

Maldives defense forces has released the statement affirming the state has not acquired assistance for foreign military intervention at a time when former president Mohamed Nasheed and several other opposition members have plead to international communities seeking their intervention in Maldives politics. (Courtesy