Fowzie’s granddaughter assaulted in court premises

Minister A H M Fowzie’s granddaughter – Attorney-at-Law Fathima Hafsa lodged three complaints today against Dr. Shazli Mowjood alleging he intimidated and assaulted her in the court premises this morning.

Dr. Shazli Mowjood is on bail and allegedly carried out these acts in breach of his bail conditions.

The three complaints were lodged with the Court Police, Women’s and Children Bureau and the National Authority for The Protection of Victims of Crimes and Witnesses.

Dr. Mowjood was accused of allegedly punching Fathima Hafsa in the stomach and threatening to kill her in the event she continues to be a witness against the assailant. The incident was immediately brought to the notice of the Magistrate. Furthermore, following the assault the complainant was admitted to the National Hospital for a medical check-up. (Colombo Gazette)