Canada calls for restraint and inclusive dialogue in the Maldives

The Canadian Ambassador to Maldives, David McKinnon, stated that Canada is concerned by recent events in the Maldives, which amount to a serious further degradation of Maldivian democracy, rule of law, and respect for fundamental freedoms.

McKinnon says it is critical for democracy and stability in Maldives that the government lift the state of emergency, respect the independence of the judiciary, restore fundamental freedoms–including freedom of opinion and expression, peaceful assembly and association– and ensure a functioning Majlis where duly elected Members are able to fulfil their constitutional duties.

Ambassador McKinnon urged the Government of Maldives and its security forces to respect and uphold the constitution and their obligations under international human rights law.

Canada urges all sides to engage in inclusive dialogue that respects the letter and spirit of constitutional processes and democratic norms, and to exercise restraint to ensure a stable and peaceful Maldives. (Colombo Gazette)