AMDT launches ‘Creative Career Courses’

The ‘Academy of Multimedia Design & Technology’ (AMDT) accelerates along while working to provide you the best opportunities to live a passionate life; doing what you love for a living. AMDT has added a new complete range of ‘Creative Career Courses’ for the Sri Lankan Creative industry easily accessible to everyone.

AMDT, a Pearson (Edexcel) UK Accredited International Creative education provider, offers courses in Graphic Design, Interactive Multimedia, 3D Animation & Visual Effects (VFX), 3D Animation & Motion Graphics, Advertising & Marketing, Web & App Development, Fashion Design & Textile, Fashion Design & Marketing, Photography, Sound Media, Game Development, Journalism & Media, Film & Television, and Interior Design. These courses help the Creative industry in Sri Lanka to establish itself and expand opportunities to meet the demands of the industries.

Creativity is for everyone, and recently, there is a growing shift of young talent choosing the Creative industry. Many Sri Lankans are still unaware of the job opportunities and are afraid to step out of their comfort zones. Hence, AMDT, the pioneer in Creative education, is taking it upon itself to take Sri Lanka’s Creative industry to newer heights.

AMDT aids this cause by launching the new complete range of Creative courses in 2018 tailored to the needs of the industry. Creative education is the future, it’s a true fact that cannot and should not be further denied. All businesses today rely on new ideas, the ability to think different to its competition, and this is achieved and sustained only through Creativity.

Being well recognized and with keeping close relations with the Creative industry in Sri Lanka and around the world, students at AMDT are given wonderful exposure and inspiration to make the Creative industry their own. AMDT ‘Graphic Design’ student, Tuan Shehan broke boundaries after being selected to represent Sri Lanka among the top Creative Artists in Asia Pacific to attend ‘Spikes Asia’ Festival of Creativity in Singapore.