Sri Lanka uses China as example on need to support Government

Sri Lanka has used China as example on the need for the people of the country to support the Government.

Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka in China appreciated the whole-hearted support of the Chinese citizens extended to the Chinese Government and stressed the importance of the cooperation of Sri Lankans to the Government to achieve its national targets, the Foreign Ministry said today.

The Ambassador also acknowledged the cooperation and assistance extended by the Government of China, its corporate sector, and its people to develop the Sri Lankan nation.

The Ambassador had expressed these views at an event held to mark the 70th Anniversary of Independence of Sri Lanka at the premises of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing with the participation of more than 200 Sri Lankans living in China, a delegation of senior officials of the Chinese Foreign Ministry headed by Chen Xiaodong, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of China and Venerable Buddhist monks from Lingguan Temple, Beijing and other priests.

The Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in China Sivanka Dhanapala also attended the event.

Addressing the gathering, the Ambassador briefly explained the country’s independence struggle against several occupying European nations, which spanned almost five centuries.

Further, he stressed the importance of commemorating all the heroes who sacrificed their lives to defend the motherland. While appreciating the positive developments of the country during past 70 years, Ambassador Kodituwakku emphasized on the need to regain its missed opportunities. (Colombo Gazette)