Home Lands Skyline launches next two massive projects

Celebrating their success at Asia Property Awards ceremony in their annual gathering, Home Lands Skyline held the launch of Ariyana Resort Apartments Residencies – Athurugiriya and Sparkles Skyline Residencies- Malabe ,with a total of 423 new units under their wings.

The launch was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, project teams and the staff whose dedication, commitment and unwavering effort have been a key pillar to the success of the company.

Today, the necessity of affordable, modern housing around Sri Lanka has become a radically increasing requirement in the country especially in and around Colombo and its suburbs.

However, due to the scarcity of available lands and increasing land price in Colombo, it is highly unlikely that an individual could find and afford a land and build a house on their own. Hence These housing projects is becoming a better option for those who seek a living space as the cost of buying land in a good residential area and building a house seems higher.

Being one of the developers who has recognized this requirement in the society, Home Lands Skyline, with the launch of these two massive projects aims to provide housing units for upper and middle income earning families and once completed will represent a housing solution that will be inexpensive while not compromising on aesthetics and function.

Ariyana Resort Apartments, located in Athurugiriya, away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet closer to all the modern convenience and Athurugiriya Highway Interchange, will provide a nestle to dwellers in a good neighborhood. It will be built on converting a successful hotel in the area into an apartment complex with all the luxurious amenities.

Built as another green concept project of Home Lands Skyline, Ariyana will be a modern and yet affordable Resort like apartment. It will strive to elevate the living condition of its residents by ensuring that in addition to a dwelling they will have access to 50 plus facilities including indoor out door gymnasiums, jogging tracks, swimming pool, meditation deck, tennis court, basketball court, library, reading cabanas, on call ambulance service, children play area, restaurant, pub, minimarket and many more other facilities. With all these facilities, this will simply be a design for the lifestyle of all generations. With all these facilities, it will be an experience that you are looking to get in a resort environment. You do not have to wait till the weekend or holiday to spend your time peacefully in a resort; but at Ariyana you will be able to get that experience every day.

In addition to the facilities available within the housing scheme, the location of this project puts its residents in close proximity to day to day amenities, schools, banks, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants and other recreational facilities. There are other housing schemes in the area thus making it a potentially dense residential part of the city.To design Sparkles Homelands Skyline has taken a natural landscape and beautiful terrain in Malabe and converted it to a gated community that appreciates fine living in the midst of nature.

Sparkles offer 4 types of houses; Glint,Shimmer, Sapphire and Ruby. Once finished these housing units will stand like precious stones that spring forth from raw earth. The life at Sparkles will be surrounded by decent neighbors that is close to the residents but yet keeping a fair distance respecting the privacy.

Closer to Outer Circular Highway, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Main Trunk Roads, Government Offices and Mono Rail which would come up soon, Sparkles Skyline Residencies will have a clear location advantage with a picturesque  residential area.

Soon to be started, these two projects are expected to be a life changing experience that one shouldn’t afford to miss.