Four commuters travelling on train foot-board killed in accident

Four commuters travelling on a train foot-board were killed following an accident in Angulana today.

The Police said that the commuters were killed and several others were injured after being struck by a parked lorry.

The lorry had been parked near the Angulana railway track when the accident occurred.

Several commuters tend to travel on the foot-board of a train when trains are packed, especially during rush hour.

The railway department said that passengers travelling on the foot-board of a train have been the cause of several accidents in the past. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Nobody travels on footboard for fun. The trains get extremely packed during rush hour and half the time some people just board the footboard because they have no choice. With the way the trains get packed, there is a need for more trains to be added to the schedule at least during rush hour. We just have the same very old time schedule for a very long time and no improvement. Inside coaches you get no ventilation and when packed you get crushed from every side and it’s like a steam bath inside. With making no improvement, Railways blaming the commuters is not gonna help anyone.

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