Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing connects with Fliggy Online Visa

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing was invited by Alibaba Group to attend the launching ceremony of Fliggy Online Visa Centre on 29th January 2018 in Beijing.

The programme was designed for Chinese nationals to expedite the process of applying visas to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Georgia, IndiaKyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Vietnam, which have been designated as “electronic visa countries”.

The Alibaba Fliggy Online Visa system makes the process for applying visas easier and faster for the Chinese tourists. It provides the functions of OCR recognition speed filling, online self-photographing of visa photographs, progress tracking and other functions simplifying the traditionally lengthy and complicated visa processing procedures.

Specially, it will result in a large scale impact on Sri Lanka’s tourism positively. The online visa centre uses Internet innovation to enhance the “goodwill” of visa processing, and the convenience of user operation as well as to make the visa application process efficient through technology.

According to Zhou Zheng, the Vice President of Fliggy, Chinese people’s tendency to go to the Belt and Road countries has been significantly enhanced in the past three years and the Belt and Road countries have become more attractive to young consumers. Accordingly the Fliggy Online Visa system will bring these Belt and Road countries closer to Chinese consumers as tourist destinations.

During the Q & A session of the event, information on the visa issuance procedure of Sri Lanka was explained to the Chinese Media.

Ambassadors of Belt and Road countries, entrepreneurs from China as well as from Sri Lanka and Raveendran, Manager of Sri Lankan Airlines, Beijing participated in the event. 

The Ambassador of Sri Lanka Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku, accompanied by Mrs. Inoka Weerasinghe, Second Secretary represented the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing, at the event.